Monday, November 10, 2008


Friends from the "old hood" surprised me this weekend by showing at our front door on Saturday. Oh how I missed them, and what a sight for sore eyes.

Art and I love our new city by the sea but we miss our dear friends and we look forward to their visits.

We spent a magical night on our float cabin with Eric, Iona and beautiful Hannah. Eric was the first visitor to catch (and release) 4 rainbow trout from our deck. We had a lovely BBQ and 9 year old Hannah made the Caesar salad and sauteed the mushrooms we ate with our steaks. A young chef in the making. And I beat everyone to smithereens playing several hands of "go fish".

Can't wait to see everyone again.


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Powell River Books said...

It's so good seeing you enjoy the cabin so much. Every time we head up the lake we take a peek over your way. I did see Art at the Shinglemill a few weeks back. Maybe we'll connect sometime soon. -- Margy