Thursday, October 14, 2010

In the garden...

My day off yesterday and it was sunny and warm with calm winds. Powell River is almost always windy so this was a perfect time to get the veggie garden in order.

For the first time I'm putting down a ground cover, also known as green manure. I decided on fall rye. This will prevent soil erosion, and fingers crossed it will also choke and crowd some weeds. Next spring Art will till it under, the rye will compost and ultimately feed the dirt.

Art was going into town so I asked him to pick some up, he called from the nursery, what did you want, winter wheat....sheesh! Needless to say, he did not come home with fall rye but something better he tells me, what is it? I ask, I don't know but it's better, he says. Alright then, lets move on...

100% unknown seeds.

The garlic my friend gave me is also in the ground, this will be the first time I try growing garlic.

The tilled garden. Seeds are not down yet...I decided to give the chickens a treat and let them scratch for worms. The cover is protecting my garlic from the girls. I left the chard in because...well it's still growing, looking good and it's still tasty.

And a final picture of the poor molting hen, just one tail feather...hehehe!!! She looks so funny, I just can't help myself.


The Hobbit said...

Garden is really holding its own you should be proud. I'm doing garlic this year too. I think my soil is still in need of more compost in order to have a good crop but, we'll see

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to find out what the unknown seeds are. That poor chicken looks ridiculous - makes me laugh.

Powell River Books said...

Doesn't sound like much of a "day off!" But gardening can be fun too. Sounds like Art was helpful even if you don't know what he brought home, mystery green manure. My garden must be a mess. I had planned to get it ready for winter last week, but with Mom's back problem I may not get home until after Christmas. Maybe in November if I am lucky. Wayne says the squirrel is enjoying my strawberries. He waits for a log we have tied up to swing out against the float garden. He rides it out, grabs some strawberries and waits for the floating log bridge to come back. Unfortunately for him, it might be a long wait. - Margy

John Gray said...

Hello from a chicken keeper in North Wales UKjust hadan interesting cruise around your blog

best wishes