Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Floyd's Diner

I own a diner ... so when I travel I will eat in a diner...not sure if I'm supporting other diners, scoping out the compitition or just looking to compare my food to others and copy said others, if the food is worth copying.
I know...I can't believe I just admitted that!

Floyd's Diner in Victoria is a cool looking place, very colorful, lots of seats, and a great menu...but wow...I can not find their website...don't they have one?

I had the Ranchero eggs and Art had eggs benny, both were good but ...  mine are better! No copying this time around.


Paul in Powell River said...

I'll be in Victoria next week - maybe I'll scope it out.

Powell River Books said...

I would be hard to beat your bennies, that's for sure. I tend to be traditional, but Wayne loves your crabcake one. - Margy

Anonymous said...

The food looks good, but I am sure it isn't half as good as yours.

The Hobbit said...

It's always good to check out the competition.It mean you are interested and still love what you do. No need to be embarrassed about that. Too ba I can't try those crabcake bennies........that's one of my favorites. Of course lobster Benedict is pretty popular around here too! Ok , Getting hungry here.