Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hanging laundry

My mom used to hang laundry year round, outside in the summer and inside in the winter. For a very long time I didn't. Seemed to me like I was going backwards. I mean civilization moves forward, it progresses with each generation, new inventions, jobs get easier blah, blah, blah...

What was I thinking? What are we all thinking? Clothes dry, naturally, on their own, it just happens, for free and with very little effort on my part. Why oh why was I paying and using more electricity for something that happens for free?

No I don't have 5 kids at home, but you know my mom did, all girls, and she managed. We wined, sulked, I mean in the 70s those jeans had to be super tight, and nothing would tighten a pair of jeans like the drier. mom held fast.

And now here I am, hanging my laundry, saving money but even more important than saving money, I'm doing my small bit to save this great, big world of ours and you can to.

Just try changing one small thing in your daily life that will help you go green and save the earth and some money. Turn the lights off when you leave the room, grow some lettuce and herbs in a container outside your backdoor, buy a drying rack and start hanging your dedicates, take transit, recycle as much as you can...change one or two of your not so green habits and before you know it you will be changing some of your bigger not so green habits.

laundry hanging in my unfinished basement


scrappy quilter said...

Margaret, I don't own a dryer, haven't for almost 25 years. I had one then, it caught fire and that was the end of me having a dryer. I hang from spring until late fall outside and have clothesracks inside during the winter. I'm still hanging clothes outside this year because of all the wonderful windy weather we are having. The only thing I don't hang outside is our underwear!! It gets hung on the clothesrack.

Also you don't have near the wear and tear on clothes that you get from a clothes dryer and the clothes don't shrink like they often do in a clothes dryer.

I've probably saved thousands over the years because we fostered for 6. I even dried the diapers that way. Hugs..

Margaret said...

I would like to hang my laundry outside longer into fall and start earlier in the spring but my community burns alot of wood sooooo unless I want campfire smelling clothes they have to hang downstairs. Wow 25 years without a drier, that's really impressive.
And I to don't hang underwear or socks outside.

Betty said...

I would love to hang some clothes outside weather permitting.I love the smell of line dried sheets,but I live in a senior mobile home park and hanging laundry out is a no no it's in the by-laws. I think that they should change that one.If I had hung any thing out yesterday it probably would have ended up in your yard(LOL)

Kim said...

I would like to hang my laundry inside but I have absolutely no space - our basement is converted into an inlaw suite for my FIL and my actual laundry room is too narrow for a drying rack.

BTW, have you received my swap package yet? If not, it should be there soon - I was told 8 days and that was 9 weekdays ago :)