Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cherry picking

Despite our cold and wet spring we have a bumper crop of cherries and with no rain in the forecast we will also have unblemished cherries. If it rains the cherries split and rot and the birds are the only ones that benefit.

I will make loads of jam for the diner which I will sample, give cherry pie a try, and the rest I will pit and freeze. Truly there are that many cherries.


Powell River Books said...

That's great. When my grandmother lived on her acre in the California central valley (I was too young to remember the big farm in the Los Angeles area), she had a cherry tree. Hers was a Queen Ann. I remember the nice golden cherries with a pink blush in spots. I ate lots right off the tree but I don't remember her using them except for canning. I can remember going out in the garage and seeing them all on the shelf, but don't remember eating them except for fresh. Funny how memories are. - Margy

Mel said...

I haven't been cherry picking in years. Loved doing it when I was a kid.

The Hobbit said...

Cherries and fava beans.Can life really be any better. Oh, 26 hours in the day might help. I didn't pick cherries because I don't have a pitter and can't think of an easy way to pit them.