Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Chives need a haircut

Do your chives need a haircut? Once my chives finish blooming they sort of go blahhhh!!!! All I do is give them a haircut and in a few weeks I'll have a new growth of chives and if I'm really lucky a flower or two.

Did you know chive flowers are edible? They are very tasty in a salad or as a garnish and I also use them in flower arrangements.

Before the haircut.

The new cut.

Three weeks after the haircut.


Anonymous said...

They look great!!

Powell River Books said...

I haven't grown chives for a few years. Maybe I should rotate some back into the garden. - Margy

Heather~~~~~~~~~~~~ said...

Thanks for the tip! My chives definitely need a haircut! I was wondering if it's possible to cut them all at once and have them survive. :)

compostpyle said...

I haven't got chives growing at the new homestead, but must and try out the flowers.

You need to put out your barber sign, two bits for a crew cut : ).

One good thing about a hair/chive cut is about 2 weeks and it looks great : )

Have a good rest of week, its fly'n by fast!

tc linda