Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Basil, basil and more basil

Is there such a thing as too much basil? Not in my world but no matter how hard I try I can't grow it, from seed nor from starters. Enter my kind neighbours, well they are a few blocks away but neighbours all the same. They bought a little house in San Blas, Mexico where they plan to spend six months of the year and run a little bed and breakfast. This will be their first visit to San Blas as homeowners, although they have been going down to San Blas for many, many years. Anyway back to my basil story. They planted basil, lots of basil, forgetting they would not be here in the winter, so I got it all, I'm so lucky and so happy they thought of me.

What to do with it all? I made pesto, but without the nuts and cheese, and froze it.

I usually freeze it in ice trays but I don't have enough trays for all this pesto, but I did have lots of snack size freezer bags.

If I want to make pasta with pesto sauce then I would add the ground pine nuts and Parmesan to the pesto I made but it can also be added to tomato sauce or to sauteed prawns or chicken. This pesto is very versatile and very delicious, and super easy.


Powell River Books said...

Same thing happened to me with my basil this year. Last year I had one plant that gave me more than I needed to go with my fresh tomatoes. I love it that way. The flavours compliment each other so well. I didn't try seed this year, just sets. After two tries with the same result (brown withered stalks) I gave up. You just never know what will happen, but maybe that's part of the fun of gardening.

Wayne and I flew our plane into San Blas once and lived it there. The nice sandy beaches were dotted with wonderful open air "restaurants" that served fried fish fresh from the sea. The airport was a bit scary. There was high grass along the runway with animals munching away and people crossing the dirt strip (at least way back then about 20 years ago) without looking for big things zooming in from up above. But once on the ground there was a security shack that made us feel a bit better about leaving our craft unattended in this very public place. Tell you friends we loved their new second home. I am sure it is as quaint a village as before.

By the way, I bought a hand carved jaguar head about 10" high that is covered in Indian designs with tiny glued beads in vibrant colours. At the time it cost about $75 and was quite an extravagance, but I just had to have it. The glue has held well with only a few of the beads falling off. Every time I look at it I remember that wonderful trip.


Anonymous said...

Love the color of your pesto. Enjoy!!

The Hobbit said...

Lucky you. There is nothing I like better than pesto.I even put it in dinner rolls Yum.Enjoy