Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lessons learned

Have you ever researched a topic, spending endless hours on the Internet, reading books and still not really get it? Well that's me and tomatoes.

I've grown tomatoes, quite a few, I've been somewhat successful, but guess what? I hate growing them but at the same time I love eating them, and fresh off the vine? Nothing tastes better.

So what's with my love/hate relationship with tomatoes? It has to do with staking them, tying them, and worst of all, pruning them, I just don't get it.

But then today, walking through a Powell River Garden Club member's garden, I had my moment of revelation. I just asked a simple question, why does your tomato plant have so few leaves....answer? "Tomatoes just need about a third of their leaves to grow"

I could not wait to get home and get myself into the garden.

Before the haircut

After the haircut


Anonymous said...

What a difference. Nothing tastes better than a home grown tomato!!

Powell River Books said...

I'm a lazy tomato grower. I stick them in my pots, maybe pick off a few suckers, let them climb up through a tomato stake and give me fruit. This year my Roma plant is loaded with tomatoes and hardly any plant. I just hope they last through the hot spell while we are gone. But John will go up and water for to help out. That should do the trick. Now, what to do with all the tomatoes. Any suggestions? I don't have a pressure canner. Have you tried drying them in the sun? - Margy

The Hobbit said...

Hello!!! Sorry I haven't stopped by lately but,life is hectic and it's a struggle to keep it together.First day of 2 week vacation hope to get a lot done.Hmmm Last year I canned 26 quarts of tomatoes for soups and stews.Also oven roasted with basil garlic and onion then canned with olive oil and lemon juice.Try that on a bruchetta.Just heaven. Tell your friend Margy tomatoes are hot water bath,no pressure cooker needed.Have a super day