Monday, September 6, 2010

Back with a vengeance

Well I'm back. I've managed to finish some projects, not all, and start some new ones. Biggest project that is almost complete is the Magpie's Diner website. I still have to add pictures of the food I serve, which I thought would be easy, but it's actually harder than I thought.
I was trying to take a picture of a dish before it was served....but by the time I could get the dish centered and focused the food would get cold. Best I cook a dish for myself, take all the time I need, then eat it, hot or cold.

New this fall at the diner is a special Italian dinner event. My sister and I are cooking a very special menu based on dishes my mom would cook for us on very special occasions.

If you are in Powell River and have no place to eat on Oct. 20th.....come on over.


Duane Robert Burnett said...

Welcome Back! Hope you had a great summer. I have created it so your blogspot feeds to the Sunshine Coast BC Canada facebook fan page. It gets almost 1,000 views a week...

Best wishes, Duane Burnett

Mel said...

What a great idea. I know it will be a huge success!!

The Hobbit said...

I'm back too!Italian night sounds great.My Godmother was from Italy.We,of course are french.Every 4th of July her family would come to the farm in a truck loaded down with homemade sausage cheese drying pasta and all the ingredients for a celebration you can't imagine.They set up a fire outside and cooked all weekend.My husband and I had just started dating. At the end of the meal he proclaimed we'd have to be together at least another year as he could not imagine missing this yearly event.That's how I sealed his fate.Italian food,you can't go wrong.