Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Great dad!

Look at what my dad can do? This is almost like show and tell. Anyway...I never, ever thought my dad had an artsy streak in him but turns out he does. When he retired he struggled for a bit, after all, he worked many, many years and then to find himself with nothing to do was difficult. He dabbled in a little bit of this, a little bit of that, a gardener he was not, nor did he like to fix or reno the house, he did what he had to do but he never had any grand plans. Nope, taking down walls, refinishing the beautiful wood floors under the carpet, painting ... that was not for him.

He built a cement pond with underwater lights and fountains...but then what? He put together a huge train set, with villages, trees, people, fauna and flora, but once done then what?

I'm not sure how he got onto it but he began making wood toys and gadgets and selling them at Christmas craft fairs. He started off with little wood cars and trains, wall hangings, moved onto little bigger toys like wood planes made to scale, and then graduated to the big stuff... rocking horses. Well here it is...the rocking horse!

I never thought to take a picture of my dad's other art pieces, but you can see part of the scooters he makes on the top left hand of the below picture.

Now my mom???? She can make something out of nothing, but that story has to wait for another post...


The Hobbit said...

Your family seems to be quite talented.Can't wait to hear about mum.

Anonymous said...

Your dad is very talented. Please share more pictures of his creations.