Saturday, December 29, 2012


...the white stuff. The refined bad for you I crave it. I want chocolate bars, I want to eat that box of Turtles from Christmas. I want to eat those butter tarts in the crinkly Christmassy cellophane bags tied with red and green ribbons. I wonder if I will always struggle with this or if the cravings fade over time?

I've eaten some dried apricots to help with the sugar cravings meh! It's ok but I would guess it's like a smoker trying to quit by smoking but not inhaling, not sure how well that would work.

Oh well, it is what it is. If I want to reduce my cholesterol level, loose some weight, get some energy, and lower my "on the high side of normal" blood pressure then I gotta stick with this, I truly believe my life depends on it.

Looking forward to tomorrow ... looks like I have some kale to cook up.


The Hobbit said...

Sugar is a big fat pain in the butt,and, that's usually were it decides to settle. I know the cravings will end it just takes time. When changing your habits it is common for 2 weeks to be the turning point. Confusing your system is helpful. A walk rewarded with a sugar free mint might do it As much as I love apricots,chewing on a piece of leathery fruit doesn't cut it. A fresh fruit eaten very slowly would be more to my liking. Keep it up your grandchildren have lots of memories to create with you.

Powell River Books said...

Well, it is probably good for weight and health, but I think you already have more energy than anyone I know. Hope you are having a wonderful New Years Eve and a great year coming in 2013. - Maryg