Thursday, August 27, 2009


I was so very lucky to receive a huge bunch of basil from sister who lives in Kelowna. I love basil, I've tried to grow it myself but it never thrives so this year I decided not to grow it.

But for my sister, it grows like a weed. She was very gracious and brought me a huge bunch and a few other goodies...about 20 perennials that she purchased for less than a dollar each. I could hardly believe it, but that's for another time.

Back to the basil, what to do??? I love pesto but I also like to add basil to soups, sauces, pizza and of course fresh tomato sauce.

I decided to process the basil with olive oil only, no pine nuts, garlic or parmigiano. I put all the basil leaves in my food processor and added just enough olive oil to make a thick paste. I scooped a small amount into an ice cube tray, froze it and then into a Ziploc bag. Just grab a chunk when needed.


Betty said...

Thank you for letting me know what to do with my Basil. I didn't want to make all into pesto,now I will follow you idea.

scrappy quilter said...

Now that is just the neatest...freezing it. I had never thought of that. What a nice sister.