Tuesday, August 4, 2009

In the kichen..it's canning time

What a busy weekend and there is so much more to do.

Art and I spent several hours picking blackberries, we really wanted to make blackberry wine. Well after two hot, sweaty and prickly hours we had half a bucket...hmm...no wine but, more than enough berries for jelly, so many in fact that I also got some blackberry pancake syrup to.

In addition to the jelly and syrup I tried making fig preserves for the first time which I'm told is very good with sharp cheese.

Here I have from left to right:

Blackberry jelly, gooseberry jam, blackberry syrup and fig conserves.

And when you are finished boiling your jars don't throw out that water, well throw it out but on the weeds, kills them dead, just as good as "roundup" but not so evil!!!

Look at all these dead weeds.


scrappy quilter said...

Great job Margaret. I'm finally starting to do some freezing. I'm hoping to make some raspberry jam over the next several days.

The Hobbit said...

Figs are the best with Gorganzola cheese.I have also paired them with Strawberries to make a great jam that a spoon into corn muffins before baking.You're lucky to have access to them.Sorry about the Patty Pans but, they stuff well also. Maybe you'll have enough to give them a try.

Mel said...

I'm hungry now for fig preserves, my mother-in-law used to make it every year and send me some. Now that she is not well, she is unable to can it. Blackberries aren't ripe here just yet will be soon,Mmmm...

As a young child, I used to pick blackberries underneath a huge bush at our neighbors. Those were the days!


Powell River Books said...

We head home tomorrow. The trip to Newfoundland was great but we miss our cabin! I wonder how my garden is doing? Probably really overgrown with lots of rotting produce. John is watering for me but is definitely not a vegetable man. Looks like we can pick some berries at the Shinglemill before we head up the lake. They were just tiny green knobs when we left. I would like to preserve some for the winter, but don't have the setup yet. Maybe next year. We do love those berries.

I see you were on the garden tour. I would have loved to go see all of the gardens and get more tips. How did it go? Did you get lots of visitors? - Margy