Monday, May 17, 2010

Beans, beans....

...the magical fruit, the more you eat the more you toot, the more you toot the better you feel so lets have beans at every meal...ever heard that little ditty???

Well parts of it are true, beans are good for you, really good and yes they make you toot but the more often you eat them the less you toot.

Normally enzymes break down the food you eat but not beans, they go through to your large intestine where bacteria breaks it down and as they break it down they release gas....soooo it's not you tooting but those darn bacteria.

Beans are, in my opinion, a super food. Cheap, tasty, versatile and most important, extremely healthy.

Anyway, my veggie garden in done, beans were the last to go down. I have three types.

Berlotti Beans

delicious in soups and salads.

Italian flat green beans.

Very much like green beans but flat. These are coated with something pink not sure what or why. The beans I saved from my crop are white.

Black beans.

These are magic beans because one day I found them on my patio table.... I have a suspicion that friends of mine, Marlene and Hugh dropped them off. These are delicious in soups, many Mexican dishes, salads and omelets.


2 Tramps said...

We are planning to grow a dry bean variety here, too. They are a Spanish black turtle bean. It just seems prudent to grow something that doesn't require canning or freezing. Frost is predicted in our area later this week so we are holding off on putting things out in the garden that are sensitive. Our growing season is a short one!

Mel said...

We love singing that little ditty!! I like beans and am trying to eat more of them. Toot!!Toot!!

Powell River Books said...

I planted the two beans I started in town and you were right, they didn't do very well, but they aren't dead, yet. The seeds I planted int he soil didn't come up for the longest time, but about half of them have now broken through and are growing tiny leaves. Because I thought they weren't going to sprout, I started twelve more in peat pellets. Eleven sprouted, the twelfth disappeared, probably a hungry bird. I put them in the ground before we left the cabin yesterday for a week in the States. Hopefully they'll do better than the first transplants since they were much younger and smaller. - Margy