Friday, May 21, 2010

Just one dollar

That's all I paid for this Oriental poppy plant at the end of the season two years it's huge with the softest pink petals and dark maroon centre. Really beautiful.

Trying to put together a beautiful garden on a shoestring budget is not hard, here are some of my tricks...

- Be will never get yourself a garden overnight.
- Buy the smallest perennials you can find, they are the cheapest and guess what...they will grow..please see above re patience.
- Buy plants at the end of the season, you may very well get larger perennials very cheaply.
- Attend plant sales at local churches, garden clubs and neighbours.
- Start your plants from seed.
- If you spot your neighbour thinning their perennials just mosey on over with a cup of coffee and ask them for some, don't be shy.
- Trade plants.
- Divide your own plants.
-When possible overwinter some of your plants like dahlias, geraniums and begonias.
-Take cuttings. Believe it or not I took a cutting of a beautiful light pink climbing rose and it worked.

Do you have any other tricks? How did you put your garden together?


Mel said...

Great tips for a beginner gardener like me.

Have a great weekend.

Powell River Books said...

I was surprised that two pots of pansies reseeded themselves this year. Maybe it was our mild winter that helped. I do save my flower seeds but haven't tried with veggies. - Margy