Sunday, November 21, 2010

My life...the way it used to be

I've been very uncomfortable for several flashes, I laugh, I cry, I hate, night sweats, yup...menopause.

I've decided that I will no longer suffer and have opted for medical relief.

It's not a decision that I made quickly, it's taken several years and in that time I've tried lots of things, sage tea for hot flashes, melatonin to help me sleep, natural fibre clothes to keep me cool, I seldom drink alcohol anymore. Nothing worked and to top it all off I felt bi-polar, up one minute, crashing the next, crying over the silliest things...

I consulted with my doctor, discussed the risks, and dicided that hormone replacement therapy is right for me. There is risk but my doctor and I will manage that risk.

I'm into my third week and I'm back to old self. I'm sleeping at night and I might actually go out and buy a coat this year to keep me warm through winter, I can hardly believe it.

So here's to me, the way I used to be.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes some medical intervention can be a good thing.

Powell River Books said...

Glad you found something that makes you feel the way you should. You work so hard in the restaurant and at home. - Margy

The Hobbit said...

Everyone is different.I'm glad you found what was best for you

VancouverBanshee said...

good for you M!! i have the exact same symptoms. I wonder what my diagnoses would be?