Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas baking - first batch

I have always baked for Christmas but more often than not I mess it all up, you see I'm not a very good baker. I swore to myself, as I do every Christmas, that I will stick with the tried and true, I make notes on my recipes, I file my recipes, I try to find my recipes and guess what..each Christmas my recipes are lost to me. So this year I'm starting with a clean slate. I have a binder that holds my recipes and they are stored in my computer as well. Fingers crossed this will work. I also decided that slow and easy is the way to go, no more "Saturday is baking day" and try to bake 12 doz different types of cookies. Yesterday I baked my first cookie, thumbprint cookies, filled with my homemade cherry jam. The recipe is on the Robin Hood flour website. These cookies are fabulous, Art polished off 1/2 dozen already but they are now safely hidden in the freezer.

Give Chrismas baking a try, it will soon become a family tradition.


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Powell River Books said...

Now that I am using my oven at the cabin (we went seven years without trying it) I can make some cookies. I just might try those. They look great, but I bet the homemade cherry jam in the middle really makes them that way. -- Margy

p.s. Did you get my e-mail response?