Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas crafts

I've now completed two advent calenders. The first one was for my nephew Finley, 1 1/2 yrs and so very cute. The second is for my two grandsons Ethan 4yrs and John Daniel 4 months. They will be able to use it next Christmas, they are visiting family this Christmas.
These little calenders are really cute and not just for kids, you can fill them with special notes, adult liquor filled chocolates, promise notes, little gifts like tea candles, recipes, perfume sachets, dainty or not so dainty hankies, sky is the limit.

My next project is embroidering a tea towel which is a gift for my mother-in-law. It's hard to tell what this is but it's a sprig of olives.


Anonymous said...

Hi Margaret.
I really like your blog. I hope you keep on going. Tell me more about your cabin on the river if you could?

Margaret said...

Hi Marlene,
Thanks for reading my blog. My husband and I purchased the float cabin last year. It floats on huge cedar logs and on plastic barrels. It's sorounded by water and attached to the shore with
heavy duty steel cables. We don't live on it year round but some people do. The cabin has no running water, electricity or sewage. We purchased a compost toiliet,, which means we don't have to use an great. In the summer the lake is warm and swimming is my favorite passtime but next year I hope to purchase a canoe or kayak and explore the shorline close up. My husband and I plan to spend New Year's at the cabin. It has a wood burning fire stove so we will be very cozy.


Anonymous said...

We are loving the advent calendar. It fits three Purdy's snowman chocolates nicely. Finley says he loves it too.