Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Let it snow

I live on the Sunshine Coast located on the Southwest Coast of British Columbia. We don't often see the mercury dip to below 0 Celsius nor do we often see snow. But, when the snow does apprear it quickly turns to rain because we seldom stay cold enough once the snow clouds move in. This time, thanks to an Arctic flow, we are getting lots of snow and it's sticking around, in fact lower temperatures are forecasted for the rest of the week. The forecast also calls for sun on Friday and Saturday and that means brilliant clear days with the sun shimmering on the snow, can't wait, in the meantime, I'm enjoying the snow.


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Powell River Books said...

Wayne and I just got back from Bellingham yesterday. Good timing, the winds in the south died down and the snow hadn't yet started. It's beautiful today for sure, but I'm not used to driving in snow. But we did venture out to get some groceries. My mother is here visiting us for the holidays, but she'll stay in the condo where it's warm. Wayne and I plan to go up the cabin tomorrow if we can make it up the lake. It's been three weeks since our last visit and we miss it. When would it be a good time to get together for the book signing? - Margy