Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Heart Healthy Eating

My Food Guide

Yesterday I had my appointment with the dietitian. It was a two hour session in a classroom setting with other participants. After all was said and done I came out feeling very good about my current food choices. I eat very good food, phew!!!

So why do I have high cholesterol??? Portion size, I knew I was eating too much but I didn't realize how much. For example a meat serving should be around 80g, 3oz or 1/2c. For example a lean cut steak with all visible fat removed should be no bigger than a deck of cards or fit in the palm of your hands. Yikes..

The other area that I'm way off on is the oil/fat I use to cook and to spread on my bread. I should be using about 3 tablespoons in total of oil, Becel, mayo and salad dressing per day, double YIKES..

I'm doing very well with fiber by eating lots of fruit, veggies and whole wheat grains, however I am overeating in the grain department.

I have to start measuring and weighing my food, not a huge problem, but keeping track of how much I eat is a bit more difficult. I put together a simple excel sheet with the number of daily servings I can have, I just tick each serving as I eat it.

I can't figure out a way to load the excel sheet but if you want a copy just let me know and I'll be happy to email it to you. My email address is mthistle at telus . net



scrappy quilter said...

I'm with you on not measuring enough. This post was really interesting.

Powell River Books said...

Thanks for visiting my Mt. Baker post. Wayne and I went to Vancouver last Friday to meet with our tax accountant. On the way back to Bellingham it was so clear. Mt. Baker was leading us back all the way. You actually get a better view from north of the border because much of the mountain is blocked from view here in Bellingham by the foothills.

I need to get my diet under control as well. I am coming north today and hopefully, weather permitting, back up to the cabin tomorrow. I do much better there with fewer fast food distractions. - Margy

Powell River Books said...

Hi Margaret -

I made it back to Powell River last night and hope to make it up the lake later today if the wind cooperates. Looks like we may get some cold nights! - Margy