Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The garden

Almost everything in the garden is going great guns even with our unusually cold spring. Today is a breezy 10c/50F brrr..

Potatoes finally decided to make an appearance, all 20 of them.

Turnips are doing very well and I might have to thin them a little. On the right hand side are my Italian flat bush beans. Only one or two seeds sprouted..I think I may have to put seeds down again when and if it warms up a bit.

Salad greens. Baby romaine, butter lettuce and mesculin mix. I thinned out some of the mesculin mix and butter lettuce towards the back. The spot that looks empty has green onions growing, very thin right now.

Carrots on the left beets in the middle which are ready to harvest and Spanish onions on the right.

And last but not least, Swiss chard, which a bug is also enjoying..I think it might be earwigs..yuk.

I don't have a pix of the peas..they are up but not doing very well, I think earwigs are munching on them as well. Any ideas how I can control earwigs?


scrappy quilter said...

Looks like it's starting to do well. We haven't even gotten started yet.

Powell River Books said...

You garden is doing great! When I got to the cabin last weekend my potatoes in a barrel were really big. Even so, I went ahead and buried them again. I should have enough space in the barrel to bury them one more time if I can catch them before they get too tall. My potatoes on the hill aren't anywhere as big, more like yours. Maybe the barrel keeps the soil warmer. We had our first lettuce and spinach salad and a nice asparagus feed. My peas and beans aren't doing very well either. When I get back up I plan to replant as well. I am stuck in town working on a grant application. I have to use the Internet so can't work up the lake. Bummer! The weather is SO nice. - Margy