Monday, May 4, 2009

My simple life

I moved to Powell River just over a year ago, where did the time go? This simple life of mine is quite busy and time seems to fly. What fun I've had. I started a blog and met some wonderful people. I started an online craft business, not very successful but a creative outlet all the same. I've grown a good amount of veggies and for the first time enough to process and freeze. I've reduced my food bill by half. I've reduced my refuse to one black garbage bag every two weeks. I make my own laundry soap. I no longer use shampoo and I just started cleaning with bicarb soda and vinegar. I hang dry 90% of my laundry and will hopefully sew most of my clothes...

My to do/learn list??? Figure out why my yogurt is not working, knit socks, make soap from scratch, dig an additional veggie garden for 2010, dig an additional flower bed for 2010. Learn to make my own butter using a local milk supply (two looong blocks away), learn to make cheese (but only after I figure out yogurt). Get chickens..

I'm sure there is more..stay tuned.



scrappy quilter said...

My dream, my dream. We've done so much of what you've done. We are looking at a move in 2010....we still aren't quite sure where. We've picked a couple of places and you know one of them.

I look forward to reading your blog to see how things continue to change for you. Hugs..

Powell River Books said...

Happy anniversary! When I look back it is hard to believe that we discovered Powell River in 2000. Your plans for 2010 look interesting. Chickens wouldn't work for us of course.

I saw a Seattle station news special this week about Etsy. Good advertising. Of course the women (and one guy) they interviewed were making lots of money. The biggest money maker was touques from natural fibers. Thought you might be interested. - Margy

David in Kansas said...

Talk more about cleaning with Bicarbonate and Vinegar. Do you clean everything with those? Do you mix them? What ratio? I would love to get rid of my toxic cleaning supplies!

Margaret said...

Hi David,

I use bicarb on it's own to scrub sinks, the tub, stains on my stove top, anywhere you would use something like Comet. I use about 1/3 washing soda, 1 cup of vinegar and about a gallon of water as a general cleaner for cupboards, walls, counters, appliances and the floor. I use straight vinegar for windows and mirrors.