Friday, May 1, 2009

Yams and magic beans

I got it in my head that I must try to grow yams..why? I LOVE them and the Canada food guide advises that an orange veggie should be eaten every day. I have carrots down, I have pumpkins down..

I read up on growing yams and it seemed so simple..get a yam, suspend it in a jar full of water with toothpicks, and in 4 to 6 weeks slips will grow and once the slips are about 12 inches high, you twist them off and plant them. I needs loose soil, got it, need warmth, got it in the green house, need slips..where the heck are they? Lots of roots no slips. I'll give this two more weeks and then out into compost. The yam has been warned.

And take a look at these crazy seeds, they are pink. My mom gave them to me, they are Italian flat green beans, bush style and delicious.

Busy weekend ahead but I'm starting off with Friday night at the cabin, yahoo! Then first thing Saturday I'm helping the Powell River garden club set up for our annual plant sale. It's a great place to find interesting plants. Saturday night, hockey, go Canucks go, and then on Sunday of to the "1000 plant sale" 4.99 for everything. Seems expensive, you say?? Yes, but the 1000 plants are landscaping plants like Japanese maples, rhodos, azaleas, dogwoods..

Have a great weekend everyone.



scrappy quilter said...

have a great weekend.

As to yams, I thought you had to buy them as already started in a nursery. At least here you do. A friend bought 6 plants because she thought she might try growing them here this year.

Powell River Books said...

Glad to hear you are heading up to the cabin. We've been in the States three days and I'm homesick. Let me know how the jam comes out. I love yams and never thought of planting them. When you say slips, you mean stems with leaves, right? Do you cut the yam to include some flesh and roots along with the slips? - Margy

Powell River Books said...

Any updates on your yam? Wondering if I should get one started when I return. - Margy