Friday, July 31, 2009

No more paper!!!

About a year ago I decided not use any paper products (except for toilet paper). Time to get rid of the paper. Particularly paper tissues, napkins and paper towels. I already made a bunch of hankies, I have about a dozen cloth table napkins and I use old cotton t-shirts and bath towels for rags. Just cut them up and zig zag the edges, really easy.

At Christmas and other gift giving occasions I use recycled gift bags, fabric, tea towels and baskets. Just look around, be creative, you will surprise yourself at how easy it is to stop using paper.

I found myself very short on dish cloths and with inspiration from Said the Hobbit I tried my hand at knitting my very own.


With a fourth one almost half way done.

My mom knits these up in mere minutes and with her eyes closed. I'm on my way to Vancouver and this weekend mom will show me some new patterns. I won't get them done in minutes but I'm working towards that.



scrappy quilter said...

I love knitted dishclothes. Once you get the hang of it, you'll be doing them in minutes too. I haven't used paper towels in years. We do use Kleenex because I have 2 with allergies and I'd never be able to keep up with hankies. Otherwise no paper products here.

The Hobbit said...

Oh I am so proud of you.Great job.Don't forget you can make rugs with those old T-shirts.I still use 1 roll of paper towels a month.Cooking in a commercial kitchen makes it a crime to use rags or cloth over and over,so,I try to make up for it elsewhere.We do what we can when we can is my motto.

Betty said...

I am all for using less paper except for toilet paper and tissue.I remember my grandmother boiling my fathers hankerchiefs in a bucket on the stove and it was gross so i don't think I can give up tissues.