Friday, April 30, 2010

WD-40 and mites

One of our chickens has mites. We can tell because a few of her scales on her legs are lifting which we found out is a sure sign of mites and if one chicken has them they all have them.

We spoke to the person we purchased our chickens from as well as another farmer and both said the same thing...WD-40.

Art caught the chickens, no easy task, and sprayed their legs while holding them upside down so the spray has a chance to roll under the scales. They are squawking and running and none too happy. But they are all sprayed, their coop is clean and agricultural lime and DE is sprinkled on their perch, nesting boxes and the floor.

I'm sure they will be happy chickens in the very near future.


Anonymous said...

I am glad they are going to be ok. WD-40 - who knew?
Have a great weekend.

Powell River Books said...

Art sure is a handy guy to have around at home and at Magpie's. Hope the chickens feel better soon. Plus their joints should be all lubed so they can scamper around even faster. - Margy

CompostPyle said...

I'm so enjoying your postings, gardens, pictures everything.

I'll need to check our chickens at our other homestead that the kids are living on. Good to know that WD-40 will do the trick,

Thank you. I'm going to add you to my follow list, great blog pages

tc linda