Wednesday, February 2, 2011

seeds, seeds and more seeds

It's time for me to make an effort to organize my seeds, well at least figure out what I have so I know what to buy...
If I was a real gardener, rather than the pretend one that I am, I would catalog my seeds and make notes on how well they grew....I would keep a garden journal and fill it with useful information about this and that and the other and maybe even a pressed flower or two, hmmmm!
I have two recurring problems, actually I have many problems but in the seed department just two.
I forget what I have and buy more of the same seeds and forget to start seeds in the summer for fall crops. That's it, just two.
So...I now have a list of the seeds. I will perform seed germination tests, oh yes I will. How you ask? Super some seeds, about 20, between damp paper towels, then into Ziploc bags placed on a warm surface, like the top of the fridge, they should sprout in a few days, if most of the seeds sprout I'm good and if they don't, I'll have to toss them. See easy!
And now onto problem number two...I mustn't forget to start the seeds. And my solution for this second problem? I researched each vegetable to determine the start date for summer and fall harvests, and put that date in my Outlook calendar. Outlook will give a reminder on the due date and all I have to do is do the deed...and not dismiss the reminder.
I won't bore you with a list of my seeds, but honestly, do I need six different types of chicories?


Scrappy quilter said...

We won't be having a garden this year which I'm going to really miss. Because we were gone for a month this past summer, our garden was overtaken with weeds. We ended up tilling it under. Because of the move this spring/summer we will again be without one. And boy do I miss those veggies and the winter stockpile of them. Hope your's does well this year. Hugs

Powell River Books said...

I'm not sure what to do about my garden this year. I hate to ask John to water it when Wayne comes south more frequently. Maybe I'll just put a few things in the ground and hope for the best. I did ask Wayne to get me some manure to put in on my next trip. Old habits die hard. - Margy

From the Kitchen said...

This is the time of year I love looking at and thinking about plantings for spring. Alas, we have a very small garden and have to rely on our farmers' markets for fruits and vegetables. I do, however, have a large potted herb garden. Right now we are just focused on moving a lot of snow off the walkways and driveway!!


The Hobbit said...

Thanks for the tip on germination.I will definitely give that a shot.I too have seeds that I hesitate to plant and the pack rat in me hate to just throw things out.Having lived in New Orleans La. where they put chicory in everything,even coffee,yuck,I say you definitely have too much chicory:)