Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How to sprout a sprout

Love sprouts? I sure do. In addition to being very good for you I have discovered that they are also very easy to sprout. I chose organic red clover seeds as my first attempt at sprouting.

I used one tablespoon of organic red clover seeds.

I placed the seeds in a 1 litre mason jar, covered it with some white tulle and secured it with an elastic. Add tepid water and soak the seeds overnight at room temperature.

Drain and for 3 days you rinse the seeds four times a day. Fill the jar with tepid water and drain through the top, which in my case is tulle. Do not use anything that might rust, like metal, or mold like cotton.

Day 4 the seeds are just starting to sprout. Keep rinsing them.

Day 5 the shoots were longer and I placed them under my growing lights because the sun was nowhere to be found. This will turn the little leaves green.

When the leaves are green, which happens really fast, for me it was at the end of day 5, you can start eating them. I used mine in a cheese sandwich and I have some left to add to my salad tonight for dinner. I don't know how long they will last in the fridge but I think they are quite fragile and should be used within a day or two after the leaves have gone green.

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