Monday, April 11, 2011


This post is about faith and a little about religion. I'm not preaching and I will likely not speak about it again but I thought this important. My mom is very religious and from when I was born to when I left home we went to church, every Sunday. I moved out and forgot about church. I had kids and church came back into my life. Kids grew up and I left the church, then went back ... but through it all I always had faith. As with many people life seldom turns out the way you want it to. My adult life was not easy ... please don't get me wrong, I have no regrets, I lived each moment the best way I knew how ... I won't bore you with details but I will tell you that for 30 years I prayed, every day for strength, for change, for guidance, for help, for serenity. Every day for 30 years I had faith...and then one day about a year ago that change came, all of a sudden it happened. My life changed, for the better. God heard me and He gave me peace. And I pray everyday that through His grace, my life will continue to be blessed. A few months ago my parish priest was talking about prayer and faith. He said when life is hard PUSH. Want to know what PUSH is?



I didn't know that for 30 years I was PUSHing but it worked for me, maybe it will work for you.


The Hobbit said...

I'm right there with you Margaret. It doesn't hurt to turn to God and when I feel He's to busy I talk to St Theresa and tell her if she happens to see God that day to tell Him I still need Him.

Powell River Books said...

I'm glad you found the peace you were seeking. You are always to upbeat it didn't show. - Margy