Sunday, April 10, 2011

Margaret and Art's day off

Usually when our day off rolls around we are both busy with stuff around the house, a great day off is when we have stuff to do at the cabin. However we seldom take our day off as a true day off...well on Wednesday we had a true day off. Art and I headed off for unexplored areas of which there are many around Powell River. This time we decided to explore Haslam Lake which is also a protected water shed. Art drove to the very top. He tried to get some fishing done but knowing what I know I had a pork tenderloin waiting for us back home.


Mel said...

Looks and sounds like a true day off to me.

Scrappy quilter said...

Wonderful pictures. Looks like a very relaxing day Hugs

Powell River Books said...

Good for you! A few years back Wayne and I took our kayak to the head of Haslam. John met us there on his quad and we all swam out to one of the islands. When we got back Wayne and I paddled back and camped on the crest of the little island. All was great except for the leech that attached itself to Wayne's foot. He got it off but it really made me squirm. They are such ugly looking little critters with a nasty reputation. - Margy