Friday, April 29, 2011


I have them everywhere. I can't wait to plant them outside and have the house back to normal. Although my house is small it has three floors and running up and down with a water mister and water bottle is not so much fun.

I can't iron anything right now....too bad. Honestly I really miss ironing!!!

Sunny downstairs window.

Germinating seeds sitting on the heat ducts in the basement.

I have quite a few tomatoes, some flowers, cukes, and zucchini. My peppers and eggplant are not germinating very well so I may have to buy those. On the good side two of my luffa seeds started and are well on their way and I have tomatillos growing for the first time this year.

Anything new in your veggie garden this year?


Anonymous said...

You miss ironing - that is just SICK!! We woke up to snow this morning. I am considering suicide.

Anonymous said...

You miss ironing?! Might some of those seedlings be growing in your head? Have fun planting all those suckers!

bear said...

a little birdie told me u r moving the magpies nest ???

Margaret said...

Mel and Julie...I should have been more clear on the ironing...I miss ironing my sewing, right now I'm using the kitchen table. news travels fast! We are moving to the Rodmay diner and restaurant. Closing our current location on May 20 and opening at the Rodmay on June 1st. We are increasing our seating from 10 to about 30. Hiring some cooks and wait staff...we are growing.

The Hobbit said...

I love to iron! My best ideas come when I do this chore. I told you I was weird Looftah!!!!! Just a dream over here.