Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fisherman's Warf, Victoria B.C.

There are many, many beautiful places in British Columbia, and I have been lucky to have lived in several but there is one very beautiful place that I've never lived in, Victoria, B.C. Lucky for me I have a sister who lives there and I can visit whenever our schedules allow, which unfortunately is never often enough but I relish every moment while there.

On my last visit she took me to visit Fisherman's wharf. A bright and bustling area with lots of boats, some of the best fish and chips and cute, little, and I mean little, houseboats. They are colorful, artistic, full of plants, with little patios tucked in all sorts of corners. On one hand I would love to live there but on the other hand the lookiloos walking up and down the docks would be quite uncomfortable...I think.

Could you live in one of these cute little houseboats?


The Hobbit said...

Cute but, where do I put my crafts and book parafanalia I'm afraid I will have to be content with a visit.

Paul in Powell River said...

Barb's fish and chips at the wharf are hard to beat! Had'em often.

Powell River Books said...

Cute and maybe fun in a people watching way, but give me a cabin up the lake any day! - Margy