Thursday, May 5, 2011

In the garden...

I was so fortunate to get my hands on some raspberry canes, 7 to be exact, all from fellow garden club members, and all for free.

I wasn't sure where to put them so for quite some time I just had them in a big pot, sitting against the house in part shade. If you are a gardener you know that raspberries multiply, and they do that very quickly, so finding a good spot for them is essential. I decided to put them in the veggie garden, keeping them safe from the deer, and in a standalone area that is about 3 feet from any of the other veggie rows. I hope the distance from the rest of the veggies will keep them manageable.

Now all I have to do is be patient and wait for the delicious berries, maybe I'll have to wait until next year....bue well worth it.

The picture does not show the raspberry canes very well but they are there...all in a row.

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Anonymous said...

We transplanted all of our raspberries last year and we didn't get any. I am hoping we get some this year.