Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Craft books

On my last visit to Vancouver my mom gave me three craft books, one on embroidery and two about crocheting. They have lovely patterns but they are written in Italian. I mentioned on a previous post that I can't read crochet or knitting patterns but I'm determined to learn. So I crocheted beanie hats from a very simple pattern and was very happy with the finished hats.

But..Italian, yikes, I don't know if I'll ever manage..

I'm off to Vancouver again, this time for work, but I will be staying with my mom, and with free evenings I wonder what she can teach me this time around, hopefully socks...



scrappy quilter said...

Have a wonderful visit with your mom.

Betty said...

I can knit and crochet but I think that trying to do it in Italian would be a bit difficult. I would rather sew or cook. My husband is Italian but he can't read it.
If you see Margy tell her hi for my.

Poshpet said...

I have found many wonderful crochet and knit patterns on the net. I also have a fair number of pattern books too if you want to borrow any of them. I sell my crochet hats and dishcloths at Crafter's Corner at the Britannia Beach General Store. I get a lot of my yarn and fabric at Thrift stores but also love Dressew and sometimes their prices are as cheap as Thrift.