Sunday, March 1, 2009


I know, it's not pumpkin season so why am I talking about it. Three reasons:

1. I have one left over pumpkin from last year.

My two pumpkin plants gave me four pumpkins last fall. I used two for Halloween, one I cooked, pureed and froze (still have some in the freezer) and one I kept in the cantina. Yesterday I decided I had to use it. Pumpkin soup and muffins today.

2. The Canada food guide suggests one daily serving of an "orange" veggie.

See number one, delicious!

3. Dare I sow pumpkin seeds in a few weeks?

It's really hard for two people to consume four pumpkins but they are so easy to grow. So I will grow pumpkins this year, two plants. One I'll pinch all pumpkins off except for one, hopefuly creating one really large pumkin for Halloween. The other plant I'll use one of the pumpkins for personal use, the others will be given away.

Happy Sunday everyone.


scrappy quilter said...

Now that looks so tasty. I haven't tried growing pumpkins here although they do very well in our soil.

Betty said...

That looks so good. Soup is one of my favorite foods and throw in a fresh muffin and it's the best.
If you see Margy tell her hi for me.

Powell River Books said...

I don't have space in my floating garden for a pumpkin plant, but would like to grow some. My upper garden doesn't get full sun all day. The trees on the hill shade the soil quite a bit. Potatoes do well there. Do you think a pumpkin plant would grow and produce there? - Margy

Margaret said...

My pumpkins grew from a pumpkin left in the greenhouse from the previous owner. Seeds just started to grow and left two of them alone and voila, pumpkins. So I think they will do just fine. I have lots of seeds, just let me know if you want some.