Friday, April 17, 2009

Fresh from the Sea

Look what my neighbour gave me.

Freshly caught today. I poached them, shucked them and are now in the fridge ready for a salad.

These prawns were caught just off the waters of Powell River. These little guys are pink when caught and remain pink after cooking. They are very prickly with a tougher skin than their warm water cousins. Once cooked their texture is not quite as firm as other prawns and shrimp but just as delicious with a sweet buttery flavour.


scrappy quilter said...

OOoooh I'm drooling here. Powell River becomes even more enticing. Enjoy!!

Powell River Books said...

What a great neighbor. We have a friend here in town that has fixed fresh prawns for us several times. In fact, they let us go help pull the traps and clean the little critters, quite the experience for us city-folk. Enjoy!!! - Margy