Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fried dough

Fried dough..it is exactly that, fried dough. My husband is a Gitxsan Carrier from the Hazelton Area B.C. Canada, and it's from him and his family that I learned how to make it. Once in a blue moon I'll hold back some bread dough for frying, today was a blue moon day.

Heat heat some oil for frying.

Divide the dough into bun size pieces, than flatten each piece.

When the oil is hot add the dough, make sure you lay the dough in the oil away from you.

Drain the bread dough on paper towels and enjoy. Spread with butter and jam or sprinkle with cinnamon sugar, delicious.


scrappy quilter said...

That looks yummie. Sorta like banek I would think.

Margaret said...

Yes it is and in a way very similar to a beaver tail if you use cinnamon sugar.

The Hobbit said...

MMMMM Fried dough is a favorite around here.It's one of the reasons people go to the beach.They sell it the same way you would get ice cream. Small portable stand with yummy treats.Don't dare make it at home,might get addicted.