Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Comfort in my craft room

It's a cold and rainy day today and I'm happy to be indoors. I don't have to worry about the vegetable garden. I let the chickens loose in there and they are happy scratching around, helping with the weeds and getting it ready for spring. Lettuce, chicory and cole veggies are in the greenhouses and they are doing just fine without to much fussing around.

I'm thrilled to spend most of my time in my craft/office room working with my stash of fabric, ribbons, buttons and yarns to create and sew items for Christmas, for my online shop and well just because...

The radio is tuned in to CBC Radio One, a totally Canadian broadcast, which talks about all sorts of things, I love listening to it while sewing. Right now I'm making flannel PJs for my son and his family in St. John's, NL. Soon I'll have to start thinking about the new grandchild arriving in mid January, what can I make him? her? I can hardly wait.

I'm really excited to attend tonight's Kale Force Meeting, for the first time. The group is looking for ways to improve regional food security, here is their website It starts with a potluck dinner, giving me a chance to meet new people as well as getting involved in my community on projects that are very important.


scrappy quilter said...

Check out my blog and see what's up today!!! And they wonder why I want to move!!!

I'm in my sewing room too quilting away and finding comfort. Hugs..

Betty said...

It is raining here too and the wind is blowing ,but it is 62 degrees.I have been neglecting my stash it is about time I start going through it and get something done.