Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Canada will be celebrating Thanksgiving on Monday, Oct 12. This year I have so many reasons to be thankful that I can't wait until Monday. I want to give thanks today, and every day, for everything that is good in my life. Even the not so good days deserve thanks because that's when I learn, grow and become stronger and even more importantly when the good days show up, and they always do, I appreciate them that much more.

I'm thankful to have my husband by side.

I'm thankful to have a beautiful and healthy family.

And the family continues to grow with a new little on due in Jan 2010.

I am thankful that my cantina is full of food my husband and I grew, made and processed.

And of course I'm thankful I have a turkey in the freezer.

God has indeed been very good to me and I am so thankful.


Betty said...

You do have a lot to be thankful for.I know it is not nice to be jealous,but I am a little, of your lovely canned goods they look lovely sitting on your shelves
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

scrappy quilter said...

Margaret I loved reading your thankful list. Love the look of all your preserves. Isn't it neat to be thankful...just makes for a better day I think. Hugs..

The Hobbit said...

It has been a good year hasn't it.Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Small City Scenes said...

Hi Margaret I got your site after visiting Betty on bellingham. You have a very nice site and interesting topics. Where do you live in British Columbia? My sis lives in Kelowna and has for about 50 years. Lovely family pictures and even a very very new one. Sweet. MB

Margaret said...

Small City Scenes - I live in Powell River, BC. It's a lovely little city by the sea. I'ts somewhat remote because to get here you have to fly or take two ferries from Vancouver. But well worth the effort...