Thursday, February 4, 2010


I love them. They are fairly easy to grow, have brilliant colors, are drought resistant, deer don't really love them and they remind me of my native Italy.

I've had them in my planters for years. Every year I have every intention of pulling them in for winter to use them again the following spring. And every year, I forget to bring them or to water them, well not last year. I have about 15 plants, they are leggy, but they are alive.

I think the trick was having in the house, well in the back and front porches. In the past I had them in the greenhouse but I would forget to water them, and although they don't need much water during winter, they do need a drink every so often. So using the window sills in the porches really worked well and will save me some money. The money saving will be significant because some of the plants are quite large. I also took cutting of my favorite plants. I just broke off a stem and stuck in dirt, really that simple.


Betty said...

Water is very important sometimes I forget to water my house plants and when I look at them they yell at me---Help--Help we are thirsty then I water them and they perk up and say Thank You.
♥♥ Hugs ♥♥

scrappy quilter said...

Funny they aren't one of my favorite flowers. My grandmother on the other hand use to grow them profusely. Glad yours survived. Hugs