Tuesday, February 23, 2010


If you had told me a year ago that I would be hiring someone to help me with my housework I would have politely said " oh yeah and pigs will fly"... well the pigs have taken to the skies.

On my way to a simpler life I opted out of the rat race..took the less traveled path, I would do everything I could to sustain myself. Grow as much of my food as I could, raise chickens, spend less, cook from scratch and make as many of the things I need myself...

Good idea and I was getting along pretty good...until the diner. The all consuming restaurant. It saps my strength, uses every spare brain cell I have, has me hating the weekend and looking forward to Monday...oh yeah blessed Monday...with it's slower pace.

Well something has to give and I'm tired of seeing dust bunnies and hair balls in every single corner of my house so I've asked my neighbours daughter to vacuum and dust once a week. Guilt, wow do I ever feel guilty...but I admit defeat...I can not keep up with everything.

I'll let you know how it works out. Very weird for me...help with the vacuuming, who would have thunk????


Marilyn said...

Don't feel guilty! You can't do everything yourself.

You could also go to Walmart and buy a Roomba ($150-robot vacuum cleaner) to help with your dust bunnies. I love mine! I run it everyday, and everyday it magically picks up about a cup of dust/dirt/hair etc.

Betty said...

I hope every thing work out for you.Dust bunnies are not the worst thing you could have. I hope you are taking care of you!!!
♥♥ Hugs and Good Thoughts ♥♥

Powell River Books said...

Wayne and I have wondered how you and Art have been able to keep up with the busy pace with the new diner. I know it must be tremendous with just the two of you. Remember to also take some time to decompress. I know that's easy for me to say, but probably hard for the two of you to do at least right now in the beginning. But you must be so proud of Magpie's. It is such a huge success! - Margy

The Hobbit said...

I think this is wonderful!Your pond(as I call it)is growing.Now when are you going to start that Stitch and Bitch? Just kidding.Your plate is pretty full right now,make sure you give yourself time to smell those roses.