Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Up the lake

Last night we grabbed some juicy steaks from the Chopping Block, which is also supplies Magpie's, my diner, with meat and cheese, a bottle of wine, some pate, some cheese, some crackers and we took off up the lake to our float cabin.

A float cabin you ask? it is.

And this is what I saw this morning while sipping a hot cup of coffee.

But to really find out about life on a float cabin you must read this blog . Margy Lutz writes the blog and Wayne Lutz is the author of several books about life on British Columbia's West coast, here is his website,

Margy and Wayne spend pretty much the best part of the year at their float cabin, they even have a floating garden, check this out

We bought our cabin via Margy's blog - we met and stayed in touch since then. They always take a look at our cabin to ensure all is ok as they head up/down the lake. I don't think they really know how much Art and I appreciate it. Thanks Margy and Wayne.


scrappy quilter said...

I'm green with envy...makes me so want to move there. Hugs

The Hobbit said...

sounds like things are going well this week.Hope you had a good rest.Floating cabin,hmmm that's a first for me.Sure looks peaceful.

Powell River Books said...

Margaret - Thanks for the sweet comments. We feel a strong connection to your cabin and enjoy taking a look in on things for our friends up the lake. Besides, we to right by quite a few times most weeks. I am so glad you and Art got up to spend some time after all the hard work opening Magpie's. And I know you enjoyed those steaks. Thanks to your suggestion we got some at 2 for 1 and had two wonderful meals our last week before leaving for the States. Aren't those view worth a million? - Margy