Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Out and about in my yard

It's not a great day weather wise. It's overcast, drizzly, the ground is wet, but I'm out there cutting, pulling, moving, and most importantly making's in fact a perfect day.

Some spring irises are coming up.

Art is framing the new blueberry and strawberry bed

And both greenhouses are now down. Just need to remove the rubble, spread some compost, and plant. Not too much work ....


Betty said...

Don't work to hard it is your day off. Little green things are poping up around here too I hope they don't get fooled.
♥ Hugs ♥

scrappy quilter said...

Flowers starting to peak through...oh my. We have a couple feet of snow still. I'm drooling!!! Glad you can get out there and plan. Hugs

The Hobbit said...

I thought it was winter out there.I can't even see my yard,but I'm planning the garden just the same.