Sunday, February 28, 2010

Well, well, well....

It's a little strange, this new path I'm on. And I'm not sure I like it all that much. I'm happy with the diner and thrilled that it's done well so far but I'm not liking the time it seems to swallow up.

I've had to give a few things up. As I mentioned before I have someone helping me with the vacuuming and dusting, and maybe a little more housework as well. A friend commented about a robot vacuum...sounds interesting, worth taking a look.

I'm not making dog food anymore and I'm now down to the last little bit of my homemade laundry soap, do I bother making more? I found a recipe for liquid dish soap, should I try it? I take the little spare time I have and go for my daily walks which I never do anymore, read some of my favorite blogs, read some of the books collecting dust on the shelf, get out into the garden, get many interests and so little time.

Not such a hard decision to make was the flight I took to Vancouver for my my dad's 80th...we drank some prosecco sparkling wine at 11:00am, how deliciously wicked.
Look at my dad (right hand side)...he is a one happy and healthy old man, and boy did we surprise him.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010


If you had told me a year ago that I would be hiring someone to help me with my housework I would have politely said " oh yeah and pigs will fly"... well the pigs have taken to the skies.

On my way to a simpler life I opted out of the rat race..took the less traveled path, I would do everything I could to sustain myself. Grow as much of my food as I could, raise chickens, spend less, cook from scratch and make as many of the things I need myself...

Good idea and I was getting along pretty good...until the diner. The all consuming restaurant. It saps my strength, uses every spare brain cell I have, has me hating the weekend and looking forward to Monday...oh yeah blessed Monday...with it's slower pace.

Well something has to give and I'm tired of seeing dust bunnies and hair balls in every single corner of my house so I've asked my neighbours daughter to vacuum and dust once a week. Guilt, wow do I ever feel guilty...but I admit defeat...I can not keep up with everything.

I'll let you know how it works out. Very weird for with the vacuuming, who would have thunk????

Monday, February 22, 2010

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Out and about in the back yard

My much anticipated day off was full from morning until night. I started with breakfast by scoping out my competitor. It was a very nice breakfast but they used process cheese...yikes...I honestly did not think anyone used process cheese anymore. Then off to the animal store for farm fencing, diatomaceous earth for the chicken house, dog and cat food. Back home Art is clearing and burning debris from the veggie garden, I finally plant my blueberry bushes that I won last year and a small weeping willow type tree that my mom gave me. Scared my weeds into submission, they were quivering as I went up and down the flower bed pulling, digging and raking. I cleaned out the chicken house, Art put up the fence between the chicken run and the veggie garden and went over it with the rototiller. What a glorious day!!!!

Art rototilling

The two blueberry plants...the rest will be strawberries.

And this is the weeping type willow tree...anyone know the name?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Today Magpie's was insane

There is a similar type restaurant, in town, offering the same type of food I serve at my diner, and about twice as big. I've eaten there a few times and it was always very delicious. Often I thought "what a nice little place" I would love to own this....hehehe!!!

Unfortunately the cook/owner, had an accident, and she had to shut her place down for the week while she mends, which is what I would have to do if the same thing were to happen to me, that's the way it goes for owner/operators. Well many of those customers made their way to my diner, and although I really appreciate their business, I can not wait for the other restaurant to open up again.

Today was just too much. We were so busy that I just could not keep up..the last few hours we just told folks that it would take at least 1/2 hour for their meal...and they still waited...for which I'm very thankful. It's over for today but I'm very scared to go back tomorrow...

The rest of the chickens seem fine, I spent my 15 minutes out there with them, and they are acting as they should, so fingers crossed that all goes well.

On the bright side, Art is saving his tips to buy a much better camera, and he is about half way there...he so thrilled..

Happy Sunday everyone.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Not very happy today...

...because one of my chickens died overnight. I have no idea why, they all seemed healthy to me but none the less I now have just 5 gals to look after. And I promised them this morning that I would do a better job of looking after them. I promise to spend at least 15 minutes every day just looking at them to make sure I know what's going on, that they are eating as they should, that they are running around as they should, that they have no bumps, lumps or other abnormalities, that they are all breathing as they should....

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Grandkids and nonna

I wonder what adventures we will get into over the years?

But I'll never tell!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Up the lake

Last night we grabbed some juicy steaks from the Chopping Block, which is also supplies Magpie's, my diner, with meat and cheese, a bottle of wine, some pate, some cheese, some crackers and we took off up the lake to our float cabin.

A float cabin you ask? it is.

And this is what I saw this morning while sipping a hot cup of coffee.

But to really find out about life on a float cabin you must read this blog . Margy Lutz writes the blog and Wayne Lutz is the author of several books about life on British Columbia's West coast, here is his website,

Margy and Wayne spend pretty much the best part of the year at their float cabin, they even have a floating garden, check this out

We bought our cabin via Margy's blog - we met and stayed in touch since then. They always take a look at our cabin to ensure all is ok as they head up/down the lake. I don't think they really know how much Art and I appreciate it. Thanks Margy and Wayne.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Forget the diner...

Maybe I'll just get into baby shoes. These are really simple to sew and they are so cute.

The pattern is here.

And now I'm off to bed..cup of tea first. Good night all.


Friday, February 5, 2010


My first color advertisement.
Watch out Madmen I'm gunning for you!!!

And with a little write up in the Powell River Living business section to.


Thursday, February 4, 2010


I love them. They are fairly easy to grow, have brilliant colors, are drought resistant, deer don't really love them and they remind me of my native Italy.

I've had them in my planters for years. Every year I have every intention of pulling them in for winter to use them again the following spring. And every year, I forget to bring them or to water them, well not last year. I have about 15 plants, they are leggy, but they are alive.

I think the trick was having in the house, well in the back and front porches. In the past I had them in the greenhouse but I would forget to water them, and although they don't need much water during winter, they do need a drink every so often. So using the window sills in the porches really worked well and will save me some money. The money saving will be significant because some of the plants are quite large. I also took cutting of my favorite plants. I just broke off a stem and stuck in dirt, really that simple.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Out and about in my yard

It's not a great day weather wise. It's overcast, drizzly, the ground is wet, but I'm out there cutting, pulling, moving, and most importantly making's in fact a perfect day.

Some spring irises are coming up.

Art is framing the new blueberry and strawberry bed

And both greenhouses are now down. Just need to remove the rubble, spread some compost, and plant. Not too much work ....

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's my Friday night...

It's been a long week but it passed so very quickly and here I am, the night ahead is free and the day tomorrow is mine to do with as I please.
I don't often have my camera at the diner but today I made sure to have it so I could show you this:

An original piece of art by Rabideye a local artist. I'm thrilled. I meant to show it off as soon as I received but....