Thursday, March 10, 2011

Are you coming for a visit????

Then there are a few things you need to know.

First, you are always welcome...

...and now here is the rest of it...

1. My floors are not so clean that you can eat off them...I have a very good kitchen table that we use for eating.

2. There is a 50/50 chance that my kitchen table is cluttered, if it is, sit down, clear yourself a spot and get comfortable, coffee and warm conversations await.

3. Help yourself to anything in the fridge...but be warned...stay away from the back. I have not visited the back part of the fridge for some time.

4. I'm cheap, so those yogurt containers may in fact not have any yogurt in them and again avoid them if they are at the back of the fridge.

5. I am not vegetarian, my husband is not vegetarian, neither is my dog, cats or chickens and I will not cook two separate meals.

6. I'm not Dr. Doolittle but I do speak to the animals...relax...I'm the only one doing the talking.

7. Oh yes the animals...they are of utmost importance to me and I love them dearly, best you get used to it. The dog will smell your crotch, the cats may walk all over you or they may never make themselves known to you, that's just the way it is.

8. The animals shed, all the time, but not to worry, you can keep the fuzzy slippers once your visit is done.

9. The bathroom is cleanish...

10. And finally I am thrilled you came for a visit, I really am. Can't wait to see you again. Ciao for now.
***PS. I almost forgot about the dust bunnies...they are gentle, very gentle but look for them and they attack...please let them lie in peace.


Duane Robert Burnett said...

Love it! :D

Anonymous said...

Sounds like my house!!

From the Kitchen said...

Love it! And, I'd love to visit. = )


The Hobbit said...

Just finally catching up on my reader. I think I just click my ruby red slippers because this sound like home.