Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chiodini and Chantrelle mushrooms

I'm not a very good forager but I hope to become one. This time of year brings with it a bounty of mushrooms..if you know what to look for. Every fall my mom and dad head out mushroom hunting for a particular type of mushroom called chiodini. In fact my mom quite often will knock on someone's door to ask for permission to pick them from their yard. Funny looks from alot of people but now she has a set route and everyone knows her.

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These are not my favorite because they are a tad slimy but the flavour is fantastic.

My neighbour forages for chantrelles and he very kindly gave me some. They are delicious and I'm so lucky to have such a great neighbour. The have a very distinctive look so they are very easy to recognize but until I go out with very experienced pickers, like my neighbour, I'll not pick any on my own. Again I wanted to take a picture of the dinner I made using the chantrelles but, well...I ate before I had a chance.

Here they are in all their glory before I cooked them up.


scrappy quilter said...

We've never gone hunting for mushrooms since we moved to Manitoba. When we lived in NW Ont. we use to eat shaggy manes all the time. We froze many for the winter months. They were awesome. I'd be afraid to pick any mushrooms here because I just don't know enough about them. There are no shaggy manes here.

The Hobbit said...

I am soooooooo jealous.This is something I'll never have a chance to do. I don't even know anyone who could recognize good from bad.Enjoy, there is nothing better than reaping a harvest that is there for the taking.

Karine said...

I have never tried chiodini but I did try chantrelle mushrooms a couple a weeks ago.... and they are so delicious! :)

Margaret said...

I am indeed fortunate. It's amazing the amount of food that's available in the forest. Just need to know what to look for.

Here in Powell River people pick all sorts of mushrooms, pine, chantrelle, oyster and morrels. And they also pick salal which is sold to florists for their flower arrangemnts.