Wednesday, September 23, 2009


My mom is a sewing wiz, she sewed and mended my clothes when I was just a little gal. She then went on to professional alterations which included leather work, she was in high demand.

Then I grew up and my mom still did my mending, and my husbands and my kids...the jeans anyways because my old machine could not sew through the denim, well that's I used to tell her...I would do the buttons, socks, hems and basically anything that I could mend by hand.

Well it's my son blew out the knees on his work jeans and he is house poor so he asked if I could help. I told him "best you run to the store and buy a pair just in case..I never did the jean patch thing"...

He called me to say he found a good pair of work pants for $29.00, good thing because his old jeans went from this:

To this:

They will do for work but I keep my day job.



scrappy quilter said...

I don't do any mending either. I use the same excuse, my sewing machine just won't do it, plus I don't have the time. I'd run to the thrift store first to see if I can replace the item before I bought new. Usually I can.

He could still use the jeans for outside work as well. Better yet, you can cut squares out of them and make a quilt.

$29.00 for jeans is a pretty good price. They are close to the same price here. Hugs..

The Hobbit said...

I don't think they look bad at all.They are work jeans aren't they?I wear jeans to cook at the barn and even my patches have patches.You did good.

Powell River Books said...

You should see my gardening sweat pants. They are more patch than knit now. They are getting pretty thread bare, so pretty soon they will have be to retired. I don't have a sewing machine so all I can do is hand sewing, but that's pretty easy on the knit. - Margy