Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Peter picked a peck of peppers

Look at them all..Now what to do? Pickle, dry, jelly??? A little bit of all I think.

I will definitely grow these again, very easy. I started them indoors from seed in early March and transplanted them into the greenhouse in mid May. A couple of things I won't do again..is use peat pellets, they dry out to fast or peat pots, they don't break down fast enough. Before transplanting at broke the bottom off the pot but the roots had a tough time breaking through the sides. This goes for all my starters not just for the peppers.

To dry them I used a needle and some cotton twine. I poked the needle through the stem at the base and then hung them in my cantina. They should dry in about 4 weeks and then I can crush or grind them into a powder. Can't wait...

The rest I'll use to make jalapeno jelly. It's really good as a topping on creackers and cream cheese and the I'll pickle some when I make some pickeled veggies.

Stay tuned more canning and pickeling to come!!!

Off to Vancouver again tomorrow for two days, can't wait to see what bargains I'll find at my favorite fabric store, Dress Sew on Hastings.


scrappy quilter said...

What a great haul on those peppers. have fun at the fabric store. Check out my blog, you might be interested in the giveaways that a blog is having. Hugs..

Betty said...

I love hot pepper jelly it is good on alot of things. Your crop looks lovely.

Sadge said...

I dry some hot peppers, but usually freeze jalapenos as slices, plus a few more split, cleaned and stuffed with cream cheese, ready to just dip (still frozen) in batter and then bake or fry for poppers. Some, I can as nacho slices. They're too fleshy to dry very well just hung in a ristra. But this year I planted extra, planning to smoke-dry them into chipotles. When I harvest them, I'll get pictures and post it either on my blog or the SGF Co-op one.

Margaret said...

Thanks SQ for the tip on the give away, I've made my entry. Betty this is the first time I'll try jelly but I've had it before and loved it. Sadge, I'll be sure to check out your blog for more tips but I like the cream cheese option. I'll contact you directly for the batter recipe.

Sadge said...

I'll get my poppers recipe typed up later this week. In the meantime, maybe you'd like to try making a jalapeno hot sauce:

Oh, and while you're on my blog, check out "patching knees" for a how-to on a reverse applique-type of patch that works great on blue jeans.