Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Busy, busy and busy

Well Magpie's diner finally opened yesterday. Everything went off without a hitch, except for the fact that neither my husband or I remembered to get a cash float. Thankfully my son has been saving his loose change and was able to lend a hand ( and a penny or two).
I don't have a lot of time so I'll just post some pictures for now.

My sign...I love it. Thanks to Jeff at Cranberry Signs.
Not photographed but just as wonderful..a sandwich board and a pole sign.

Front door


My baking..except for the pie.

Art's coffee station

The worst job of all that both Art and I share.

And this is my domain..I have a stainless steel work table on the opposite wall.


Dster35 said...

Hey Guys
The Diner looks fantastic!

Betty said...

That looks wonderful. I like the yellow in the kitchen a big improvement over the old blue.Your baked goods look so good.
Have a very Merry Christmas and don't work to hard.

The Hobbit said...

Oh I'm so happy for you. I know it's alot of work,but to do what you love and love what you're doing.Well ,who could ask for anything more.I'm doing alot of holiday cooking for customers right now so quite busy myself,but thinking of you and wishing you success.

David said...

Congratulations!! Can't wait to see it in person.

scrappy quilter said...

Your diner looks fantastic. I just might visit it in 2010!! Hugs and wishing you great success now and in 2010. A dream come true!!

Margaret said...

Thanks everyone, I really appreciate your support.

Powell River Books said...

We just got back to town and went right up the lake and missed your opening. We'll be there next week to have one of your home cooked breakfasts. It looks GREAT! And sounds like your grand opening went well. I just saw your add in the Peak. Hope it brings in the crowds. I'm so happy for you! - Margy