Saturday, December 26, 2009

The days are getting longer

I'm thrilled! We officially reached Winter and the days now start to get longer. Only by minutes but that's all I need to get me through to spring.

It's a tad early, I know, but, I'm starting to think about seeds. I started broccoli, cauliflower and Brussel sprout seedlings in Aug of last year but they have not done well and although they are in the greenhouse they froze and have wilted and gone a little brown and mushy. I'm letting the chickens in to do what they do best and in a little later, maybe in Feb. I'm taking the greenhouses down. We had some heavy winds which did some damage to the greenhouses.

Now before anyone shrieks in horror...they are old, really old, with rotting wood and torn plastic. They are too cold in winter and way to hot in the summer and they are covering up some valuable real estate. I'm giving cole veggies a second try and new this year will be luffas and corn. I can not wait to get my fingers in the dirt!!!! What are your seed plans this year?

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scrappy quilter said...

I know, we've only added about 8-10 minutes since the 21st, yet I'm looking forward to longer days too. I love winter, yet spring is my second favorite season. I'm not sure what I'm planting this year or what we are doing this summer. Everything is kinda in an uproar here just now as to our moving plans. Hugs