Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pear mincemeat tarts

Art and I are busy cleaning up the diner and in one of the deep freezers we found a big box of unbaked frozen tart shells. I was going to throw them out because I'm not sure how old they are but before doing that I wanted to test one out. I won't use them for the public but if there is nothing wrong with them I'll use them at home. I baked them with the pear mincemeat I made a few months ago and the tart turned out very well and the mincemeat is very tasty. I nice blend of spice and crunch and not too sweet.

Very tasty but a bit too big..I'll keep the tart shells but I'll make quiches instead.


Betty said...

Your tart looks delish. I am going to try you pear mincemeat receipt one of these days it sound good .

Powell River Books said...

Mincemeat is something that always reminds me of the holidays. My grandmother and mom made pies this time of year. I don't make many pies, but love to eat them. Are you going to have pie on your menu? - Margy